Sunday, April 1, 2012

Miss Springville/Mapelton Competition

Last night Natalie participated in Miss Springville/Mapleton. She did it in hopes of getting some scholarship money. She did not win, but did fabulous. She worked so hard preparing for this and did amazing and looked beautiful. She has natural stage presence and poise. For her talent she did a monologue called "Roller coaster break-up". It was a funny piece about a southern girl breaking up with her boyfriend while riding a roller coaster. She is natural performer and really shined. We were so proud of her!!!!


Mike Wirthlin said...

Great job Natalie! You look great in the pictures. I am sorry I missed it.

Lexi DeBaltzo said...

Emily!!! I left a message for you a couple of weeks ago and have now lost your number! My son Sam (just got home from his mission) is really good friends with your new daughter-in-law Jenna - Small world! I couldn't believe it when I saw her Facebook :-). Also - I just dropped our son Jack off at BYU for summer term, he lives in Helaman - and it looks like Natalie is there too? I'd love to catch up - call sometime 216.577.7517
Love, Lexi